GlazurProm is among Russia’s largest manufacturers of industrial chocolate and confectionery compounds.


We pride ourselves on our personal approach to our customers, taking on bespoke orders and creating batches of custom-made compounds. Our strong business relationships with major confectionery producers in Russia and beyond are the result of our vast industry experience, commitment to best practices and an impeccable reputation.

Today GlazurProm is among the leading producers in its field in Russia. Product quality is the cornerstone of our company policy. Only the best ingredients are used in production: fresh cocoa beans from Latin America and Africa, premium sugar and dairy from Europe. Our five production lines can output over 20,000 tonnes per year. Thanks to our experienced staff, modern equipment and our own warehouse network, we can ensure consistently high quality and uninterrupted supply of our products. Our factory is located in the Kaliningrad region, the westernmost semi-exclave of Russia, located between Poland and Lithuania on the coast of the Baltic Sea. An ice-free port gives us a major logistical advantage in that shipments can be made year-round with no delays. Our own logistics system guarantees safe transportation of goods and their timely delivery to our customers. Why do business with GlazurProm

  • Extensive product portfolio.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Flexible pricing, multiple-price systems with long-term contracting.
  • Reliable logistics system.
  • Professional product support.

As our client, you can always rely on our team of professional product engineers to provide you with free consultations, and more:

  • Our engineer can visit your business to oversee the launch of a new production line or testing of a new product, and to help resolve technological issues.
  • We can tailor our recipes to match the technical conditions on your production line.
  • We can develop a custom recipe according to your requirements.