Industrial chocolate and confectionery compounds

GlazurProm is among Russia’s largest manufacturers of industrial chocolate and confectionery compounds. We offer chocolate, fillings, and compounds based on cocoa butter as well as lauric and non-lauric substitutes. All of our products are made using natural ingredients from the world's top suppliers, and manufactured on modern equipment at our factory located in the town of Svetly, near Kaliningrad. GP Choco compounds are versatile, used in domestic applications, public catering and manufacturing for decorating, flavouring and moulding desserts and other confections.


Chocolate fabrique

Industrial chocolate and confectionery compounds
Wholesale and retail


Select cocoa from Africa and Latin America, and highest quality dairy from Switzerland and Uruguay.


Over 20,000 tonnes per year, manufactured on five production lines.


Supplying Russia’s largest confectionery manufacturers since 2003.


Modern equipment.
Finest ingredients.
Premium chocolate.


Bespoke orders.
Customised recipes.


For use in confectionery and ice cream production

Industrial chocolate is widely used in the production of chocolates and other confections, and as a decorative ingredient. We are committed to using only top quality natural ingredients to ensure the consistent high quality and superior taste of our chocolate.


Chocolate compounds

For use in confectionery and ice cream production

Chocolate glaze is a decadent finale to making all sorts of desserts and is most often used for decorating. Depending on the cocoa percentage, its taste can vary from rich and intense to creamy and smooth.



Confectionery and ice cream compounds based on lauric and non-lauric fats

Thanks to their composition and hardness, compounds based on lauric fat are perfect for moulding bars and figures, and provide a crunchy coating for nuts, candied fruit, marshmallows and other sweet delights – and, of course, for ice creams. Non-lauric fat based compounds have a lower melting point and more flavour, and are used in the confectionery and baking industries as a soft, melt-in-your-mouth coating.



Confectionery fillings are also used for layering and decorating

Depending on the melting point and viscosity, they can be used at any point in the dessert-making process or as a finishing touch. We make a wide variety of fillings with superior flavour and technical characteristics, and a long shelf life.